Friday, December 3, 2010

Cool Cloud Finds!

It's amazing when you are surrounded by beautiful things and people how a pattern emerges in the course of a month. November started out at SOFA Chicago. I ran into some friends from college and enjoyed my time with a new friend!

My favorite find was a pair of cloud earrings by Sergey Jivetin. These sweet little earrings are approximately 3" tall by 1.5" wide. The fine silver wire creating the rain drops shimmered in the light and caught my eye in the jewelry filled booth by Ornamentum. At first glance I was not sure what I was looking at, and after the ah ha moment I fell in love!

"Cloudy" the current exhibit at LaLa Gallery & Studio in Lafayette, IN opened November 15th and runs through December 11th. Sally Harless and Candice Hartsough McDonald together brought 19 pieces made of watercolor, color pencil, cut paper and ink, interpreting the theme "Cloudy". The exhibit is full of humor and wit.

Sally Harless

Candice Hartsough McDonald

Last week, to wrap up November, I stumbled onto Samantha Clark's site. She created an installation at the Q Gallery in Scotland in 2007 as part of a light festival. The installation consisted of a whole room filled with clouds. When I saw the images, I imagined how it might have been to visit the Q Gallery amongst the clouds. Old news probably but new to me!
It has been really great seeing how different artists have incorporated clouds into their work! I wonder what patterns I will find in December! I challenge you to find some for yourself!

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