Thursday, August 4, 2011

LaLa Gallery Current Exhibition

Owning LaLa Gallery & Studio I get a chance to build relationships with all types of people! Linday Surmacz and Nancy Pirri are the latest!

Lindsay Surmacz was my intern during the Spring semester, and a May graduate of Purdue! I wish Lindsay the best of luck in her ventures out on the east coast! She wrote a beautiful review of the current exhibition and I wanted to post it here for all to see!

Nancy Pirri, fellow sculptor and new found friend is a delight to be around!

Enjoy the words and info of these lovely ladies!!!

Nancy Pirri: Sculptor
by Lindsay Surmacz

Within the white walls of LaLa Gallery and Studio in Lafayette, IN, curvaceous female figures swathed in a glossy tumult of brick red, teal, and grey engage in poses that while modest, evoke as much drama as the most passionate display of emotion. They appear cracked as if having been unearthed after a century of burial. They are fragile, candid, and captivating, especially to the members of the Lafayette community who until now have never witnessed a solo exhibition in the familiar gallery space. These pieces are the work of Nancy Pirri, the featured artist in “Reflection,” an exhibition hosted by LaLa Gallery running through Aug. 13.

A Chicago native and a regular figure at the Lillstreet Art Center, Pirri is among the Midwest’s most acclaimed figurative sculptors, having won numerous accolades at exhibitions and competitions throughout the region. In the past twenty years, she has created an immense body of work dedicated to the beauty and resilience of women. “I pay homage to the fact that women are filled with beauty and have sincere intentions but have been damaged and scarred by the struggles of life’s journey,” Pirri says. Each of her hand-made pieces, which include free-standing sculptures, busts, vases, and tiles, exemplify a unique style of form, color, and texture achieved through various firing and imaging techniques.

“Reflection” is part of an ongoing tour Pirri is now making with her work. After her appearance at LaLa, her collection will be showcased at the Beverly Arts Center in Chicago from August 19-September 25th with a reception on Saturday, September 24th from 6-9pm.

She is also represented by StudioB in Three Oaks, MI and Edenside Gallery in Louisville, KY.

For more information on Nancy Pirri, visit her website at

For more information on “Reflection,” visit LaLa

Images of artwork by Nancy Pirri:
(Laraine)(Adele)(Genevieve, Simone, Sadie)

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